Telco Billing Solution, Telco Billing Solution

Telco Billing Solution is a cost-effective, robust, flexible and adaptable billing solution for monetizing next-generation bundled telecom services for telcos, ISPs, MSOs, FTTH/DTH operators to bill their customers for broadband Internet, telephony, cable TV, data, value-added services and more.
This top billing solution comes with different billing cycles (post and pre-paid), charging plans, service management and complete invoicing system. Along with the integration platform, Telco Billing Solution gives the operators a best-of-breed, user-friendly experience to enhance the customer experience. The real-time solution seamlessly integrates with leading ERPs and gives flexibility to the staff to handle customer billing, payments and cash collection with simplified workflow and easy to understand interfaces.

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Telco Billing Solution, Telco Billing Solution

Advanced Features
  1. Auto Customer Locking
  2. Hardware Installment
  3. Phone Number Allocation System
  4. Offer Management
  5. Bundle Management
  6. Quotation Handling
  7. Promo Management
  8. Bulk Operations
  9. Tax Certificate
  10. Balance Transfer
  11. Reports
Basic Features

Key Features of Nayatel Billing System

1. Location Management
Helps to create unique location code for creating location-based products/services
2. Customer Management
Helps to create customer account/profile containing detailed information
3. Service Management
Helps to create services/products. Plans/items can be further created of every particular service
4. Tax Management
Helps to create taxes accordingly. Further mapping can be done with service(s)
5. Status Management
Customer’s current status handling module for being active, locked or other state configured.
6. Package Assignment/ Un-assignment
Customer subscription area where user can enjoy multiple services
7. Invoice Management
Manual invoice generation process for customized accounts
Monthly/quarterly/yearly invoice generation process for bulk invoices
8. Adjustments
If due to any reason customer is charged wrongly, an adjustment can be posted anytime to that user
9. Payment Management
Cash walk-in customers
Online Payments using debit or credit card
Internet Banking
Mobile Account Payment
OTC Bank Payments
10. Ledger Report
Account history report for customers.
11. CDR Mediation and Charging
Converts raw CDRs from several data sources and deliver this data to specified locations in a specified format for billing purpose.

Third Party Integration

1. OSS
2. SAP
3. Oracle
4. Payment Gateway Integration
5. Web Services
6. CRM
7. CAS
10. Others